Dr. Bikowsky is a Child & Adolescent Clinical Therapist and an Educational Staff Associate Certified School Counselor with a Ph.D. in Educational Counseling/Psychology. Bella has diverse experience in the education and mental health fields. Her early career began 15 years ago working with a young child diagnosed with Autism. Over the years, Bella has gained clinical experience working in long-term residential treatment centers as well as at Seattle Children’s Hospital in their inpatient psychiatric unit. Additionally, Bella has been a school counselor in the Seattle Public Schools as well as a Counselor and Behavior Specialist in the Edmonds School District. Bella is also a part of Brooks Powers Group, an Educational and Psychological Assessment team in the Seattle area.

Bella has extensive experience working with school teams in helping to create systemic change using a multi-tiered approach, as well as more targeted interventions around helping school-teams improve behavior management skills and abilities.

Bella’s areas of clinical focus are individual counseling with children and adolescents, parent consultation for behavior problems, and school consultation. Bella has worked extensively with children and adolescents with challenging backgrounds such as: 1) Depression; 2) Anxiety; 3) Eating Disorders; 4) Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); 5) Emotional and Behavioral Disorders; and 5) Autism Spectrum Disorders.

   Dr. Bella Bikowsky Ph.D